LZSO uses online platform to bring training to thousands of first responders

The new safety courses at Landing Zone Safety Organization (LZSO) are revolutionizing helicopter safety around the country. Founded by a group of EMS helicopter pilots, LZSO is taking safety training to new heights… Literally.

HEMS providers and hospitals are to provide online safety courses to all personnel working around helicopters to reduce risk and improve safety culture. LZSO Photo

EMS professionals from fire fighters to police officers to ambulance personnel can now fulfill continuing education credits or improve their knowledge online with LZSO’s courses on helipad and scene safety for operations around helicopters in the field. The courses are easy to understand and provide great information concerning safety around helicopters all while being easy to use and completely online.

“I found this to be a really great course and really like that I can complete everything online without having to attend any classes and do it on my own time. This is a really nice feature of this course,” said J. Bradley, firefighter.


Improving safety around helicopters has never been easier or more affordable. Online classes only take about an hour and are a great addition to any safety training program for HEMS Operators, EMS professionals and hospital staffers.

“LZSO training brings a wealth of knowledge to each of user by way of industry experience, solid education, and a strict dedication to safety,” said Jake Harmon, co-founder of Landing Zone Safety Organization. “No other company in the world provides the standardized, efficient, and affordable landing zone safety training that LZSO does.”

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