HeliOffshore video makes case for implementing Flight Crew Operating Manuals

Effective flight path management is a critical element in achieving safe offshore helicopter operations. The automation technology in modern aircraft can positively contribute to this, and especially when flight crews have a complete understanding of how designers intended for these complex systems to be used. This is where the implementation of Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOMs) can make a big difference in helping operators to achieve tangible safety benefits.


FCOMs also support pilots in achieving a high degree of operational standardization that further strengthens safety. Data supports HeliOffshore’s conviction that FCOMs are the right thing for safety, and so does the experience of the growing number of operators who are implementing the manuals.

Leading offshore helicopter industry stakeholders are increasingly aligned over the case for implementing FCOMs. In HeliOffshore’s latest video, oil company safety leaders from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers give HeliOffshore their perspective on why they support FCOM implementation as a priority action to achieve enhanced safety in areas where it matters most. Click here to watch the new video.


HeliOffshore member operators share this perspective, as they told the company in an earlier video to support FCOM implementation. Click here to watch that video.

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