ForeFlight enhances safety of rotorcraft operations with new custom content packs and airport 3D view

ForeFlight, creator of the widely used and award-winning ForeFlight Mobile Integrated Flight App, will demonstrate the enhanced safety and efficiency of using content packs at Heli-Expo 2019, the company’s powerful new custom content sharing capability. Airport 3D view and inflight Breadcrumbs are also among the latest new features that increase situational awareness for helicopter flight operations.

Content packs make custom navigational data and information easily accessible to flight crews

Content packs are a powerful new capability that allows individual pilots and flight departments to control the distribution of custom information they need to see in ForeFlight for missions like law enforcement, disaster relief, search and rescue, survey work, oil and gas transport, and more.


“Helicopter operators require a variety of mission and company specific information that isn’t provided by governments or commercial providers,” said Tyson Weihs, co-founder and CEO of ForeFlight. “Helideck information, proprietary landing zones, custom approach procedures, company maps, and areas of additional oversight are just a few examples. ForeFlight’s content packs allow helicopter operators to create, package, and distribute this proprietary information to flight crews, greatly expanding the capability of ForeFlight, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing safety. Content Packs eases a pain shared by many helicopter operators.”

Content packs can range from a basic list of waypoints to complex bundles of geo-referenced charts, map layers, linked documents, and custom procedures from commercial providers like Hickok & associates and Hughes Aerospace. Pilots can access content pack elements in ForeFlight just like any other built-in map layer, procedure, or location detail. User Waypoints can also be enhanced with metadata like photos or diagrams of landing zones.

For the ultimate in situational awareness, an upcoming ForeFlight release will allow operators to incorporate geo-referenced custom instrument flight procedures from providers like Hickok and associates, and Hughes Aerospace, and overlay them on the moving map display.

Account administrators can control the creation and distribution of content packs to ensure every team member has immediate access to the most current content using ForeFlight’s cloud documents and content pack distribution capability.

More information, along with sample Content Packs available for download, can be found at

Visit Hickok & associates at Booth C2523 and Hughes Aerospace at Booth C3533 to learn more about custom instrument approach procedures.

New airport 3D view delivers next-generation airport familiarization

“Airport 3D View is a powerful new tool that helps pilots familiarize themselves with airport and heliport surroundings,” said Weihs.  “In the past, operators used static pictures of airport environments to get familiar with an airport area. Airport 3D view changes the paradigm and delivers an immersive, next-generation familiarization capability that works world-wide and will help customers more efficiently prepare for flights and ultimately improve safety.”

Leveraging ForeFlight’s leading mapping and synthetic vision platform, the airport 3D view feature combines stunning global aerial imagery with Jeppesen-sourced high-resolution terrain to create a realistic and interactive simulation of airport and heliport environments.

From within the ForeFlight app, users can pan and zoom 360-degrees around airports to see a photorealistic 3D representation of the airport and the surrounding terrain.


Airport 3D view is also available inflight when customers use the content pack feature during planning on the ground. Pack makes it easy to download all of the current charts, data, weather, fuel prices, and NOTAMs for a flight, and now includes 3D views for any airport in the planned route string.

To learn more and watch the video, visit

Flight tracking with Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an extension of ForeFlight’s track log capability, allowing pilots to see the flight track log as it is recorded. Breadcrumbs leave a continuous line on the moving map display that can be used during flight as a reference for maneuvers, search and rescue, or survey work.

To reduce pilot workload, Breadcrumbs can automatically activate on takeoff and end upon landing. ForeFlight combines Breadcrumb capability with moving map, hazard awareness, ADS-B weather and traffic, and more, helping flight crews consolidate their tools and equipment.

Visit ForeFlight at Booth C3229 to learn more about how ForeFlight makes helicopter operations safer and more efficient, or online at

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