DART AW139 retrofit emergency flotation system will be available to the after-market

During Helitech International 2017, held Oct. 3 to 5, DART Aerospace, based in Hawkesbury, Ontario, announced that the AW139 emergency flotation system (EFS) with integrated liferaft, designed and developed by DART, will be available as a retrofit for the existing AW139 fleets in service.


This system will be the only one on the market available for this aircraft model, specifically with the integrated liferaft technology. It is important to express that all other systems presently on the market either have a cabin raft or a sponson-mounted raft.

Features of the product

  • DART’s system is being developed in collaboration with Leonardo and will be on the helicopter’s type certificate;
  • System is Sea State 6 compliant;
  • The system has two liferaft configurations (10 man-15 overload or 12 man-18 overload);
  • Inspection at 24-month intervals.

Benefits of the DART AW139 emergency float system

  • Weight savings of up to 75 pounds;
  • Drag reduction;
  • Fewer maintenance inspections;
  • Guaranteed TAT.

The system is currently available for factory installation. It will be shortly available as a retrofit kit for aircraft that are already in service.

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