Avia Leasing and Power Systems to create first North American MIL helicopter repair facility

Avia Leasing Corporation in partnership with Power Systems Corp. are in the process of creating the first authorized repair facility in North America under Russian Helicopters for the repair of component parts from the designer MIL helicopters.


The certification process will take place during 2018 and involve intermediate aggregates and hydraulic parts in a phase in approach. JSC Russian Helicopters & MIL helicopter design bureau will provide authorization and certification.

Avia Leasing (Avia HelicoptersTM) is a Vancouver, British Columbia/Moscow, Russia-based company and longstanding partner of JSC Russian Helicopters.

Since 2008, Avia has been providing new helicopters, MRO, spare parts, training, and services related to certification of helicopters and facilities. In 2012 under a landmark achievement, Avia facilitated the type certification of Mi-171 in the Republic of Indonesia.


Power System Corp., a privately held Canadian company established in 2009, is a leader in the repair and overhaul of helicopter hydraulics and components for the Sikorsky UH-60, Bell UH-1H, AH-1W, and Boeing AH-64 aircraft.

For additional information or support, contact Michael Negus at [email protected] or Corey Steinberg at [email protected]

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