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Consistent, diverse & reliable Dallas delivers what customers demand

Three words have epitomized the culture of Dallas Avionics since the company was founded in 1973: consistency, diversity and reliability. For more than four decades, the company has been consistent with its customer service, diverse in its product selection and reliable in always delivering what was promised.

With an internal customer support team, regional sales team and customer service representatives, Dallas Avionics has been able to navigate through several economic changes and industry downturns. Through it all, the company has remained a source of the latest communications, avionics and test equipment that customers rely on.

Scott Davis serves as the company’s vice-president of sales and has been with the company since he and his sister worked on the company’s catalogs for his dad, who founded the company.

“I grew up watching my father take extreme measures to help companies out,” said Davis. “He stood by the products he sold, but more importantly, he stood by his word and his customers. Dad would make sure that his customers had what they needed when they needed it. When others would not work with them, my father did. His business was built on customer service.

“Today, we maintain that same philosophy. We work with customers diligently to help meet their needs. The main difference is now we distribute some of the best products from around the world, not just the United States. And we have customers all over the world also.”

Dallas Avionics’ business model includes maintaining great relationships with equipment manufacturers and integrators, as well as end-users. As a result, it represents some of the world’s most well-known brands, which produce some of the newest innovations in aviation equipment.

One such company is uAvionix, which is well-known in the drone business, but new to the aviation sector. uAvionix offers Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) solutions for light aircraft. Its tailBeacon just received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval in early December for installation on rotorcraft.

“Our customers want ADS-B solutions that are easy to install, meet FAA requirements and are cost-efficient,” said Davis. “We began discussions with uAvionix when the product was first introduced and began taking pre-orders. The key is we established the relationship with uAvionix during the testing phase, prior to a full-market release. This is just one example of what we have established with manufacturers for years.”

Because Dallas Avionics has sales representatives that are experts in military, law enforcement, search-and-rescue, air medical and other special-mission needs, Davis said they know exactly what aviation customers are looking for.

“Most of our sales team members are veterans. Many are pilots. They not only know what is needed, but they also know why. This is critical. They understand exactly what customers are looking for and interface directly with product designers. Our customers understand that we are not simply selling them more products; we are providing solutions.”

Dallas Avionics’ sales expertise, along with its established distribution network, also helps drive manufacturers to partner with the company. Jupiter Avionics is a prime example of this.

Dallas Avionics’ sales team spoke with Jupiter’s engineers about some communication needs customers were having in the forestry industry. The result was the development of the JA10 audio controller. It perfectly matched what customers wanted.

The JA95-N22 and JA95-N32, in turn, were developed for emergency medical service operators that were demanding more input and control options. One operator equipped its entire fleet of aircraft after Jupiter made the JA95-N22 and JA95-N32.

“We listened to what customers were asking for,” said Davis. “We spoke to Jupiter’s team of engineers, and they developed what the industry was demanding and what our customers were asking us for. This is exactly the kind of equipment company we like to work with to offer our customers tangible solutions that meet their ever-changing needs.”

Dallas Avionics also has long-standing relationships with other equipment manufacturers, like Technisonic, Flightcell and Latitude, that aid in communications, tracking and fleet management.

“Technisonic is another company that we have worked with to provide our customers with innovative solutions. They have built their products with future services and needs in mind. Their TDFM-9000 radio allows for quick communication with other P25 [Project 25] radios used by ground crews and emergency response teams. Their Multi-Purpose Communications Port (MCP) is a direct response to listening to client requests. Customers can even connect a handheld device to the radio using a dedicated port and an accessory chord.”

Among its other products, Dallas offers displays, public address equipment, lighting, gauges, antennas and test equipment. One recent product release was on the Freedom line of communications test equipment from Astronics. Dallas Avionics distributes Freedom models R8100, R8000, R8600 and R9000. It also recently formalized a relationship with Aero Dynamix for edge-lit panels compatible with night vision goggles.

“With over 40 years of successful business operations, we have learned how to vet products,” said Davis. “We have learned how to care for our customers. We know what will work for customers and what will not. Our clients depend on our knowledge base, not just our inventory. This is vital to our success. It has enabled us to grow for the past 40-plus years, and it will continue to help us grow over the next 40-plus.”

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