National Helicopters Inc.

Contact: Dan Munro, President
Andrew Dunt, VP Operations/Ops Manager
Markus Doerfler, CFI
Joseph Rodrigues, Director of Maintenance
Phone: (905) 893-2727
Fax: (905) 893-2700
Email: [email protected]
Employees: 40
Fleet: B206B-III (5), B206L-1 (3), B206L-4 (1), EC 120B (1), R22 (3)AW109E(1)

Northern Helicopters

Contact: n/a, n/a
Phone: (218) 262-0099
Fax: (218) 262-9901
Email: [email protected]
Employees: 9
Fleet: R22 Beta 2(5) R44II(1) B206B-III(1)
Other: Northern Helicopters offers an accredited degree program through our partnership with Hibbing Community College. Northern Helicopters is an authorized Robinson Sales and Service Center.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Contact: Ben Fouts, President, Chief Pilot
Cara Hollenbeck, Manager
Noah Haydn-Myer, Assistant Chief Pilot
Jesse Hudson, Assistant Chief Pilot
Doug Froning, Assistant Chief Pilot
Phone: (808) 334-0234
Fax: (808) 334-0191
Email: [email protected]
Employees: 25
Fleet: R22 Beta (6), R22 Beta 2 (7),R44I (2), R44II (2), R442 (1), C172N (1)

Leading Edge Aviation, Inc.

Contact: Brad Fraley, President
Travis Warthen, Vice-President
Brandon Knox, Chief Instructor
Galit Miller, Flight School Administrator
Phone: (541) 749-4666
Fax: (541) 317-0709
Email: [email protected]
Employees: 31
Fleet: R22 Beta (1), R22 Beta 2 (7), R44II (5), R44I (1), B206B-III (2), B206L-1 (2)