WinAir founder inducted into AMEC AME Hall of Fame

WinAir has announced that the company’s owner/founder, Bert Vergeer, has been inducted into the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Canada’s (AMEC) — formerly known as the Canadian Federation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Associations or CFAMEA) — AME Hall of Fame. AMEC president, Sam Longo, presented Vergeer with this award during the industry awards presentation ceremony at the 2019 Ontario AME Conference in Mississauga, Ontario.

WinAir owner/founder Bert Vergeer accepts his AME Hall of Fame award from AMEC president, Sam Longo. WinAir Photo

Along with his wife Helen, Vergeer is responsible for developing one of the first computerized aviation maintenance software products for digital record-keeping and live inventory management. The original release of this software preceded the initial wave of digitization of aviation maintenance management and would go on to revolutionize the industry, making Vergeer a leader, innovator, and a true pioneer in the industry.

“I am honored to be inducted into the AME Hall of Fame,” said Vergeer. “Assisting aviation operations with maintaining compliance, boosting business efficiencies, and improving maintenance processes based on industry best practices has always been my top goal. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my wife Helen, our team at WinAir, our customer base, fellow AMEs, and to CFAMEA and the regional associations for supporting my vision and acknowledging me for this award.”


Longo added to this sentiment: “It was a pleasure to present Bert Vergeer with the AME Hall of Fame award. Bert’s contribution to the aviation maintenance community is a shining example of what an AME can aspire to achieve with vision and collaboration as their guide. He joins a list of outstanding AMEs, who have gone above and beyond throughout their careers. Congratulations to Bert and the entire WinAir family!”

Today, WinAir’s impact on aviation maintenance compliance continues to have a profound influence on aviation operations. After decades of success, WinAir has grown to over 50 staff to become the world’s top aviation management software for operations that are concerned with compliance, reliability, and having access to accurate data. Currently, there are over 15,000 users that use WinAir to manage the maintenance and inventory activities on more than 9,000 aircraft.

What was once a vision in the mind of an AME has taken off to transform how maintenance is tracked and managed at aviation operations worldwide. WinAir congratulates Vergeer for receiving this award.

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