Vertical makes big changes for 2020

With a new year approaching, MHM Publishing is refreshing the look and design of Vertical Magazine and its sister publications. The updated designs will offer a fresh and appealing look to the covers and throughout the magazines.

Pictured is a mockup of the Vertical Valor masthead on the cover of the (formerly) Vertical 911 Spring 2019 issue. MHM Publishing Image

Moreover, Vertical is excited to announce the rebranding of its sister publication, Vertical 911 — the only helicopter resource that covers law enforcement, search-and-rescue, air medical, fire and military in one publication.

To better reflect the coverage of all five of these sectors, Vertical 911 will now be known as Vertical Valor.


“Valor speaks to all of the sectors that we now cover,” said Vertical publisher and owner Mike Reyno. “The men and women in these sectors of the helicopter industry spend their working lives in service — whether to their communities or their country. So we want to use a name that recognizes them.”

The change to Vertical Valor also reflects our increased coverage of the military sector, and identifies better with our readers on a global scale – as countries outside of North America do not use the “911” telephone number in emergency situations.

The magazine will officially debut with the Vertical Valor name in January 2020 with our Winter issue.

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