Vector Aerospace emphasizing safety with its AS350/H130 crash-resistant fuel system

Vector Aerospace, a Toronto-based global independent provider of aviation MRO services, will be exhibiting for the second time at the Association of Air Medical Services’ Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC), taking place in Fort Worth, Texas from Oct. 16 to 18, in Booth #635.

Vector is actively pursuing an array of safety-related equipment options for the Airbus Helicopters AS350/H130 family of aircraft. Airbus Photo
Vector is actively pursuing an array of safety-related equipment options for the Airbus Helicopters AS350/H130 family of aircraft. Pictured here is the H130 aircraft. Airbus Photo

Vector has been focused on bringing innovative improvements to flight safety for many years. From its early stages of involvement in the ground-breaking FAA Capstone program more than 15 years ago, Vector has continuously emphasized the importance of progressing safety; it has actively worked with industry partners to introduce significant solutions to the aviation community.

Vector’s dedication to safety within the industry has served as a cornerstone and primary driver in the evolution of its supplemental type certificate (STC) portfolio.

“Especially with the increase in EMS flying, anything that can help the pilot navigate safely interests us right now,” said Elvis Moniz, Vector’s vice president of business development for airframe and avionics solutions.

Vector is actively pursuing an array of safety-related equipment options, not the least of which is the soon-to-be-certified crash-resistant fuel system for the Airbus Helicopters AS350/H130 family of aircraft. This modern, retrofit fuel tank, developed in cooperation with Robertson Fuel Systems, features a number of safety enhancements, such as a self-sealing breakaway valve, vent system roll-over protection, a vent system flame arrestor, and a crash-resistant recessed sump drain valve — all aimed at increasing survival for passengers and crew flying the thousands of AS350/H130 aircraft in service around the globe.

With launch customers, Air Methods Corporation and WeatherTech Aviation, already on board, Vector is eagerly anticipating certification approval of the system and is primed to begin installations immediately.


Additional safety technologies in what Vector refers to as its AS350/H130 safecraft portfolio, offered in partnership with a broad lineup of industry leaders, include an automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) solution; a low-cost, retrofit autopilot system; a powerline detection system; energy attenuating seating; a lightweight monitoring and recording system; an icing conditions detector; a tail rotor enhancement and stability system; an electronic flight instrument upgrade; and a collective cueing system.

At AMTC 2017, Vector’s experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals will be onsite to answer questions and raise awareness of the many safety-minded enhancements that make up its over 35 STC catalog, and to showcase the wide range of helicopter airframe, component, and engine MRO capabilities that the company offers from its 21 global locations.

To learn more about Vector Aerospace’s extensive aircraft and engine support offerings and to see a model of the crash-resistant fuel system for the AS350/H130, please visit the Vector team of experts at Booth #635 during the show.

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