V2track announces launch of satellite voice for its dual-mode/hybrid aircraft tracker

V2track has announced the launch of satellite voice, an add-on to its popular Dual-Mode (Hybrid Cellular/Satellite) GPS Tracking device. This will allow users to make and receive Iridium Satellite voice calls in the cockpit to phones or other equipped aircraft.


The satellite voice feature is to be officially launched on Nov. 16 at the 2019 Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.

V2track believes satellite voice will make its product range a one-stop-shop for aircraft tracking and communication needs better serving the medical and remote aviation market where satellite voice communications are essential.


This add-on option is unique in that it makes high end device capability more affordable to regular operators. Existing v2track customers may be able to upgrade the unit they have if they wish to take advantage of this new development.

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