USATS set to add 2 UH-60A Black Hawks to its training fleet

U.S. Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) is set to welcome the first of two UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters to the Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, Florida, on May 15, 2020. The newly refurbished UH-60A will be the first based at USATS’ expansive Titusville headquarters and training campus.

The two new Black Hawks for USATS’ Titusville headquarters will complement its existing fleet of eight European-based Black Hawks. Lloyd Horgan Photo

The addition of the two Black Hawks will complement the existing fleet of eight European-based USATS Black Hawks, further reinforcing USATS’ commitment to training leaders in the aviation industry. USATS is currently offering a wide variety of training on types such as the Black Hawk, Huey II, R22, R44, A109, MD 902, MD 500/530, Bell 206 and Schweizer S300, to name just a few.

The UH-60A Black Hawk is among the most capable, popular, and proven utility helicopters pilots in the world. With a maximum take-off gross weight of over 10,000 kilograms (22,046 pounds), the ability to carry a crew of four and 11 additional personnel, the Black Hawk is also able to carry external loads up to 3,600 kg (7,936 lb.) and has a maximum speed of over 350 kilometers per hour (217 miles per hour), giving it the strength and speed to fulfill a range of missions.


“We’re really excited and proud to be able to deliver training on our new Black Hawk here at Space Coast Regional Airport. This is a huge statement for the future, and alongside our current training with our diverse and growing helicopter fleet, shows that USATS is, and always will be, the industry leader in military, government and law enforcement training,” said USATS senior VP of strategy and development, Todd Smith.

“The Black Hawk is a staple in IDAG’s fleet in Europe and deploying it to our U.S. main campus reflects opportunities for training public use, parapublic, firefighting, and military pilots worldwide. We have had a huge demand from pilots in South America who need a cost effective, proven and readily available training solution. Training is what we do and no one in the world does it better than USATS,” said Bob Caldwell, president and CEO of USATS and International Defence and Aerospace Group (IDAG), the parent company of USATS.

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