U.S. Army orders L3Harris electro-optical sensor suite for unmanned air systems

The U.S. Army has ordered electro-optical sensor suites from L3Harris Technologies to provide high-precision situational awareness for its unmanned air systems. The order is part of a $454 million, multi-year IDIQ contract awarded to L3Harris WESCAM in 2018.


L3Harris will provide 65 WESCAM MX-10D electro-optical, infrared and laser designator sensor suites as part of a production order to support the Army’s Tactical Unmanned Air Systems Shadow UAV (RQ-7Bv2) program.

The order follows the successful on-time delivery of eight MX-10Ds for the program’s First Article Testing/qualification milestone, which successfully transitioned to an approved limited rate in production (LRIP) order.

The MX-10D is the most airworthy, robust and reliable electro-optical sensor suite available, the company said. The sensor suite provides high-precision situational awareness with extended standoff target identification, precision geolocation and laser designation to the Army’s air-ground maneuver team. It delivers an advanced capability to collect critical mission information and prosecute targets at extended ranges to assist in overcoming emerging regional and global threats.


“These are the first of many systems the Army will receive over the next year in support of the Shadow program and its modernization strategy,” said Jacques Comtois, general manager, L3Harris WESCAM. “We continue to deliver on-time, innovative technologies that provide warfighters with the most protection against new and emerging threats.”

L3Harris has delivered more than 1,100 WESCAM MX airborne and land-based systems since 1996 in support of U.S. Army programs.

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