Timberline Helicopters brings UH-60A+ Black Hawk to Alaska

Timberline Helicopters, Inc. (THI) of Sandpoint, Idaho, and Northern Pioneer Helicopters (NPH) of Big Lake, Alaska, have announced the availability of a Sikorsky UH-60A+ Black Hawk helicopter for precision heavy-lift, construction, and firefighting services in Alaska.

Timberline’s UH-60A+ Black Hawk aircraft (right) is uniquely suited for various operations in Alaska’s back country. Timberline Helicopters Photo

Timberline’s newest Black Hawk was ferried from Sandpoint to Big Lake at the end of April. The aircraft stopped in Anchorage for an appearance at the 2019 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering by Alaska Airman Association. Black Hawk operations will be conducted out of Big Lake for the start of the season.

This UH-60A+ Black Hawk aircraft is uniquely suited for various operations in Alaska’s back country. Its high cruise speed of 145+ knots allows it to cover long distances quickly and efficiently. The Hawk’s twin engines provide safety and reliability.

This airframe is equipped with the upgraded T700-701D engines; the altitude performance of the UH-60A+ is significantly improved over the standard UH-60A. A cargo hook capacity of 8,000 pounds (3,630 kilograms) makes the Black Hawk the heaviest lift helicopter currently based in Alaska. By combining these capabilities, many projects can be completed faster, safer, and cheaper than with other helicopter types. Additionally, the ability to carry essential personnel to a job site means it does not require a support helicopter for smaller projects.


THI is an international operator as well as restricted category type certificate holder for the UH-60 Black Hawk. With over 4,000 accident/incident-free flight hours on a fleet of five UH-60s, THI is one of the most experienced civil operators of the type in the world.

NPH has been providing Alaska with quality, medium and light helicopter services for 25+ years. NPH specializes in precision external load utility operations across the state utilizing Bell UH-1B “Super B” helicopters. They have a proud reputation of providing reliable, safe, and cost-effective services.

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