Timberline Aerospace receives FAA approval for UH-60 beam modification kit

Timberline Aerospace, LLC of Sandpoint, Idaho, has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approval for the 34.5 beam modification kit for the Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter.

Timberline’s UH-60 beam modification kits are available for either L/H or R/H. Pictured is the R/H modification kit looking inboard. Timberline Photo

This kit has been independently designed to remedy the common cracking problems that occur at the junction of the BL 34.5 beam and Sta. 308 beam tab and improves the load distribution at the junction. This modification can be implemented before, or after, cracking is detected on the STA. 308 beam tab. Kits are available for either L/H or R/H and installation takes approximately three days per side.


Also available by STC/PMA are the Timberline Purge Fuel Collector System for H-60 series helicopters that collects purged shutdown fuel for later disposal and environmental protection, and a locking fuel cover system for the Airbus AS350, MD 500, and Bell 206 series. Both systems meet current U.S. Forest Service call-when-needed and exclusive use contract requirements.

Timberline is completing certification of the External Fixed Provisions kit for the UH-60 series, which includes the option to install seven additional hard points on the aircraft for attachment of external mission equipment. Timberline Aerospace designs, engineers, and implements modifications and improvements for the UH-60 and other utility helicopters.

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