The Korea Forest Service Orders Two Additional S-64E Helitankers from Erickson Air-Crane


The Korea Forest Service (KFS) will be receiving two more S-64E Aircrane Helitankers after a purchase agreement was signed between Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated and the Public Procurement Service at their headquarters in Dae Jeon City, South Korea, on December 15th.  With the signing of the contract, valued by Erickson at over 50 Million Dollars, the two additional purchased Aircranes will bring the Korea Forest Service S-64 Helitanker fleet number to four as the agency continues a highly successful aerial campaign to control wildland and urban interface fire danger within the heavily forested Eastern Region of South Korea, ROK.

The Public Procurement Service, an acquisition agency for the Government of South Korea, signed an agreement with Erickson Air-Crane Director of Marketing and Product Support, Patrick Pilolla to purchase the two additional S-64 Helitankers complete with a comprehensive fire suppression package. The components include a 2,650-gallon (~10,000 litre) tank, a flexible hose “Hover Snorkel”, and “Water Cannon”. The S-64 will also be outfitted with a single point pendant rigging system for external load lifting operations when the helicopter is not used for fire suppression. “We are extremely proud and honored that the Korea Forest Service has experienced so much success with our S-64 Helitanker that they have felt compelled to return to Erickson for a third purchase order.  We receive this order as another solid confirmation of the tremendous value and efficiency of our S-64 Helitanker system worldwide.” Said Mr. Pilolla

A substantial spare parts, support, and training package within the purchase agreement includes a comprehensive type transition training program for pilots and a 240-hour technical training course for Korea Forest Service Representatives.

The new S-64 will also feature latest technology items such as cockpit voice recorders, communication and navigation systems from Rockwell Collins and Garmin.

Erickson will build the S-64 Aircrane Helitankers within the current planned production schedule with delivery to the Korea Forest Service slated for the third and fourth quarters of 2007. 

The two S-64E’s in the Helitanker configuration will be issued to the Forest Service primarily for wildland and urban interface fire suppression duty.  These aircraft will be centrally located within Korea, at a brand new facility specifically constructed to house and maintain their S-64 Helitanker fleet.”  said Mr. Pilolla.  He adds: “The S-64 is a powerful asset to Korea’s progressive firefighting fleet and the sale of the third and fourth Aircrane Helitankers to the Korea Forest Service further illustrates the realization of Erickson’s commitment to provide the world what we feel is the finest multi-mission aerial platform available today”.


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