Technisonic announces its multi-purpose communications port capability in TDFM-9000


Technisonic Industries Ltd. has announced the development and fielding of its all new multi-purpose communication port (MCP) on the TDFM-9000 series radios. Developed in response to customer requests, and now implemented in the TDFM-9100 multi-band radio, Technisonic has significantly improved this radio by expanding the platform’s capability to fully support an additional two external communications devices beyond the radio’s internal two multi-band FM modules.

“For some time, we have had customers requesting the support of both legacy and non-P25 technologies to be implemented into our TDFM platforms. Moto-turbo, Harris, PRC and Satellite communications to name a few. The development of the new MCP technology has now vastly expanded the capability of Technisonic’s market leading products, while maintaining the critical mission focus we have become known for,” says James Huddock, business development manager for Technisonic.


The new MCP capability is presently being added as a standard feature on all TDFM-9100’s and has been developed not only to integrate and pass mic/audio/PTT but is designed to allow for both control and feature integration on select products. Technisonic invites you to see the TDFM-9100 with MCP Technology at Heli-Expo Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 26 through March 2 2018.

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