Technisonic announces full TSO certification of new TDAP-611 audio panel

At AMTC 2017, Technisonic Industries Ltd., an industry leader in the development, manufacture and support of special-mission airborne communications systems, is announcing the TSO approval of its new TDAP-611 audio panel.

Closeup of TDAP-611
The TDAP-611 is the first in a new line of audio controllers being introduced by Technisonic. Technisonic Photo

Recognizing that communication requirements of mission based aircraft continues to grow in both scope and capability, Technisonic set about modernizing mission audio panels to meet today’s demanding audio requirements.

The TDAP-611 is the first in a new line of audio controllers being introduced by Technisonic. Based on 2017 technology, the all new TDAP-611 does away with the mechanical buttons, knobs and switches of yesterday and redesigned the user interface with modern digital switches, next generation lighting, and expanded capabilities demanded by both OEMs and operators alike.


“Our goal going into this program was to offer the clean clear sound you expect from Technisonic, while doing away with unneeded size and complexities. I think we have achieved that with the TDAP-611,” said Jim Huddock, director of business development.

Offering expanded capabilities such as (8) switched COMS, (6) switched NAVS, dedicated PA, and two ICS Tie lines, the TDAP-611 addresses the communication requirements of the majority of mission based aircraft, without the cost or complexity of its digital competitors.

“As the natural progression of our products, of course the new TDAP-611 is not only compatible with the existing A-711/ A711L installations, making field updates and replacements possible, its smaller height, and depth ensures panel space is never a problem.”

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