SPAES installs Garmin radar altimeter on Airbus AS350

SPAES GmbH & Co. KG has installed a Garmin radar altimeter with the most modern technology on an Airbus AS350 helicopter. The Garmin GRA 5500 is the latest technology that is now available in the range of radar altimeters.


For installation of the Garmin GRA 5500 on an AS350, SPAES fixed the transmit and receive antennas to the tail boom and the necessary cables and plugs were integrated. SPAES Photo

The radar altimeter, GRA 5500, was installed inside the tail boom of the AS350 helicopter. Therefore, a mounting bracket was designed and mounted due to installation documents. The transmit and receive antennas were fixed at the tail boom and the necessary cables and plugs were integrated.


“Antenna brackets, provided by the manufacturer, for installation of both antennas were used. For the visual presentation of radar data the system was connected with the display GDU 620 of the Garmin G500. After installation and performance of function tests, the helicopter was released for operation,” said Joachim Schanz, CEO, SPAES.

SPAES designed the installation documents and the required verification documents for the minor change in the Part 21J design organization.

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