Southwest Fuel Systems announces Hammonds distributorship

Southwest Fuel Systems announced its has been designated as a distributor for the Hammonds brand of Jet A and Avgas aviation fuel additives including the Biobor JF, Turboline, Hum-Bug and Lubribor product lines.


As stated in ASTM Specification D1655, section X1.10, “Aircraft/engine fuel system components and fuel control units rely on the fuel to lubricate their sliding parts and the chemical and physical properties of jet fuel cause it to be a relatively poor lubricating material,” Lubribor is specially formulated to correct the known lubricity deficiencies in Jet A fuel. Lubribor exceeds the requirements of QPL-25017 as referenced by major engine and airframe manufacturers worldwide.

“As a Triumph-authorized T53 fuel control and governor overhaul and repair facility, we are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs for our customers,” said Ralph Bishop, president of Southwest Fuels. “Internal wear has been a major driver of increased costs over the years and our research has led us to the discovery of the lack of lubricity in today’s low sulfur Jet A fuel. We believe, over time, the use of Lubribor will help reduce internal wear, thereby helping to reduce parts replacement costs. We consider Lubribor to be an insurance policy and we encourage our customers to consider using it in their fleets.”

M International will be attending HAI Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas, at booth #10837.


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