Self-paced online flight review preparation tool under development for helicopter pilots

Aeropower is developing an online platform to assist Australian helicopter pilots to better prepare for their flight review with an aim to reduce pilot stress and improve the overall benefit of the review.

All pilots in Australia are required to undertake a flight review every two years to continue to exercise the privileges of their licence. Aeropower Photo

The requirements of a fight review are met when the instructor conducting the review is satisfied that the pilot have demonstrated competency for the rating according to the Part 61 Manual of Standards (MOS).

It is natural for skills and knowledge to deteriorate over time without use or recall and the flight review provides an opportunity to refresh elements covered during initial training.

The experience of Aeropower instructors is that it is the knowledge component that most worries pilots undertaking a review. In a country like Australia where many helicopter pilots operate remotely and away from airfields their flight review may be the only time in two years that they have had to submit a flight plan, consider alternate airfields, make circuit traffic radio calls or even fly above 1,000 feet.

Over the next 11 weeks Aeropower is acting as an industry partner in a South East Queensland university’s student industry placement program.

The program seeks to integrate academic knowledge with its application in the workplace. It involves a collaborative effort between student, university and industry whereby students are assisted to learn the theory and practice in the discipline of their chosen profession whilst working alongside industry professionals.

The output of the program will be an online platform that will be self-paced and designed to take a predominantly rural pilot through common areas of knowledge and procedures that experience has identified will provide the most value.


A number of scenarios will also be provided to assist with turning “book knowledge” into a more memorable training recall event.

After completing the self-paced training, pilots will be issued a certificate that they can bring into their flight review training provider. It will outline their preparation and map these to the Part 61 MOS knowledge requirements of a flight review.

Other providers will have their own procedures, however Aeropower will use this certificate and some time in the Redcliffe-based virtual reality flight trainer as part of the flight review process.

Pilots interested in becoming beta testers for the new program should email [email protected] with a short description of their flying background.

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