Safran and TAI to support government helicopter operators in Thailand

Safran Helicopter Engines and Thai Aviation Industries (TAI) have signed an agreement to extend their support to helicopter engines used by the Royal Thai Armed Forces and Thai parapublic operators. The agreement marks a new stage in a partnership that began in 2017, with Safran supporting Makila used on the H225 operated by the Royal Thai Air Force.

The new agreement between Safran and Thai Aviation Industries covers more operators, like the Royal Thai Navy, and new engine models, such as the Arrius and Arriel engines. Cyril Abad Photo

This new agreement enlarges the scope of support and services provided through the partnership. It covers more operators, like the Royal Thai Navy, and new engine models, such as the Arrius and the Arriel. It also optimizes the technical support provided by Safran to include inventory management, and confirms TAI as national distributor of Safran spare parts.

The partnership with TAI, covering around 50 engines, is built around the Global Support Package (GSP) service model, which guarantees engine availability to military and parapublic operators. It is executed through the industrial capabilities of TAI, the main aircraft repair and maintenance service provider in Thailand. In partnership with Safran, TAI provides helicopter engine line maintenance, depot repair, inventory management and technical support expertise to ensure engine availability to government operators.


Under the GSP, the customer receives a commitment to have serviceable engines available whenever they need them. Other GSP principles include budget stability, fixed price per engine flying hour and a technical partnership with the OEM.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces operate Makila-powered H225Ms and Arriel-powered fleets of H125M, H145M, AS365N3+ and H155 helicopters. Individual operators include the Royal Thai Air Force, Army, Navy, Police and Survey Department.

The partnership is managed by Safran Helicopter Engines Asia, in Singapore, supporting more than 1,000 Safran helicopter engines in Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

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