Redbird VTO expands helicopter operations for Genesa Flight Academy

At HAI Heli-Expo 2018, Redbird Flight Simulations has announced the first international sale of its VTO helicopter training device. Genesa Flight Academy, one of Indonesia’s leading training providers, will take delivery of the device in June 2018.


The VTO is the second Redbird device to be integrated into Genesa’s flight training curriculum. For fixed-wing proficiency training, the academy acquired a Redbird MCX in 2014.

“The program at Genesa Flight Academy underscores the potential of aviation training devices,” said Redbird Flight’s CEO, Todd Willinger. For several years, the academy has effectively and economically trained pilots in the fixed-wing market. Now, it’s replicating its successes for rotor-wing training. We’re encouraged by the academy’s thoughtful approach to training, and we’re excited to support the next stage of its growth.”

Before setting foot in the aircraft, the Redbird VTO enables students to practice the most difficult skills in helicopter training: hovering and autorotation. The innovative motion system provides cues so small, precise, and quick that the pilot feels the slightest deviations before ever seeing them in the visuals. Whether a student aims to achieve a private pilot’s certificate or an instrument rating, the VTO creates a superior learning environment to the aircraft.


“After integrating the Redbird MCX into our private and commercial training, we believe the VTO provides the ideal classroom to expand our rotor-wing operations,” stated Capt. Jok Prayogo. “For the past four years, fixed-wing students have achieved their goals safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Now, the students in our helicopter program can do that as well. In addition to practicing ground maneuvers and autorotation, our students will be able to train for emergencies like tail rotor failures. The VTO allows our students to gain a high level of proficiency at a much lower cost.”

The VTO helicopter trainer is on display at HAI Heli-Expo 2018 (Feb. 27 to March 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Test flights are available at Redbird Flight’s booth, C926.

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