Quickstep and ATR partner to manufacture aerospace composite components

Quickstep Holdings, an independent manufacturer of advanced carbon fiber composites in Australia, announced on March 4 that it has signed a Manufacturing Partnership Agreement with ATR Group, an Italian company that designs, prototypes and manufactures structural parts and components in advanced composite materials.


“Europe is at the forefront of composite material and process technology and our continued investment in that market means it will be a significant growth driver for Quickstep over the next five years,” said Quickstep’s CEO and managing director, Mark Burgess. “Our proprietary out-of-autoclave process technology Qure and the Quickstep Production System (QPS) have been extremely well received by prospective automotive and aerospace customers as well as leading raw material suppliers.”

“This arrangement with ATR provides us with a strong manufacturing partnership in the European market, with a highly respected composites company,” he added. “ATR has key strengths in design, development, tooling and advanced manufacturing across both the automotive and aerospace sectors. We both have big ambitions and high expectations for this agreement.”

The ATR Group manufactures and supplies advanced composite components for the automotive, aerospace and other industrial markets. ATR has developed technologies, skills and craftsmanship in the processing of composite materials through the use of traditional production methods as well as the development of innovative processes.

ATR operates nine plants in Italy and has been manufacturing composite parts since 1982.

“ATR is really excited about the future benefits of cooperating with Quickstep on their Out of Autoclave patented technology Qure,” said Valter Proietti, president and CEO of ATR Group. “The Qure technology in conjunction with QPS and ATR’s strong carbon fiber heritage and current capabilities will provide us with a strong competitive advantage to expand our market and customers in Europe.”

This new partnership is an integral part of Quickstep’s three-tiered approach to growth. The first tier is the delivery of all existing contract growth and new defense and aerospace business at Bankstown.


The second tier is achieving new business opportunities in aerospace, automotive and other advanced industries utilizing Qure and QPS.

The third tier is securing a large program or inorganic growth opportunities in defense, commercial aerospace and automotive.

The partnership will focus on developing sales and parts manufacturing opportunities with customers in both the automotive and aerospace sectors, aligned with tier two of Quickstep’s strategy. Emphasis will be on the commercialization of Quickstep’s out-of-autoclave process technology Qure and the QPS for the manufacturing of advanced composite components and assemblies in the European market.

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