P&WC launches platinum-level Eagle Service Plan program for PW200 engine customers

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has introduced a new level of coverage for its PW200 helicopter engines under the Eagle Service Plan (ESP) Program tailored to provide increased peace of mind for customers. P&WC is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.


“As part of our ongoing effort to create customized value-packed services and support for every customer, we have made a number of enhancements to our pay-per-hour (PpH) maintenance plans — the launch of our new premium-level ESP Platinum for PW200 customers is a great example,” said Tim Swail, vice president, Customer Programs, P&WC.

“By providing flexible coverage options and maintenance planning solutions tailored to our helicopter engine customers’ needs and flying environments, we are helping optimize their operations and reduce costs, while supporting higher aircraft residual value.”

ESP Platinum coverage for PW200 engines includes 1) repair at overhaul for environmental damage, 2) fuel nozzle maintenance parts and labor, 3) all other periodic scheduled maintenance parts and labor as well as technical publications subscriptions. P&WC offers this new tailored service in response to the needs of its customers.


With well over 10,000 engines enrolled in our PpH programs, P&WC is a leader in the industry of delivering flexible plans with strong value for customers. The ESP Program guarantees long-term engine maintenance costs and ensures a planned and preventative approach to maintenance focused on proactive engine health management.

The program delivers a unique engine-OEM approach that optimizes aircraft availability and performance while protecting the value of the aircraft. The plan is transferable upon resale to subsequent owners or operators enhancing aircraft resale value and increasing the number of potential buyers.


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