Peruvian Navy Completes NVG Training, Modifications, Goggle Purchases with Aviation Specialties Unlimited

(Boise, ID. February 6, 2012)  Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) announced that the Peruvian Navy completed their first round of training with ASU on Night Vision Goggle operations.  The training was initiated at their headquarters in Lima, Peru and completed at a base in southern Peru.

NVG flight training consisted of NVG Operations and Handling, Aeromedical Factors, Terrain Interpretation, Normal and Emergency Procedures and Over Water Operations. The NVG Flight Training course followed the acquisition of Night Vision Goggles and the completion of NVG cockpit modifications to aircraft in the Peruvian Navys fleet.  In addition to the initial training, ASU also completed two Bell 206 NVIS modifications and sold them NVIS goggles.
The ocean can be a unique and challenging environment and this is an example of a military caring about the safety of their people, said ASUs Chief Pilot Justin Watlington.  I was honored to work and train with the dedicated members of the Peruvian Navy.
The implementation of NVGs will increase operational capabilities of their force and ASU will work with them as they further their capabilities in the second round of training.
The Peruvian Navy is a prime example of ASUs commitment to customize training and services to meet client needs.   We customized our training to uniquely address the environment in which their pilots operate in on a daily basis.  Because we have clients all over the world, we have trained teams that are prepared to help with training, modification, maintenance and sales of night vision equipment, said Watlington. 
About ASU
Since 1995, ASUs goal has been to implement night vision in the civil aviation market to increase operational safety and improve mission capabilities. Our focus is on providing a turnkey solution to our customers so that with one call they can obtain:
      Night vision goggles and replacement parts
      Service/inspection for goggles

      NVG cockpit lighting solutions, installed by our FAA-approved 145 repair station technicians at our facility in Boise, Idaho, or at the customers facility
      Cockpit replacement parts provided by our FAA-approved PMA
      Initial and recurrent training for flight crews on the use of night vision via an FAA-approved 141 Training Program and/or 135 Air Operator Certificate
      Assistance in establishing Night Vision Programs.
To date, ASU has completed 600 aircraft STC installations in the U.S. and sold over 4500 aviator systems world wide.  For additional information, call 208-426-8117 or e-mail ASU at [email protected]

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