Papillon to implement Ramco Systems’ newest operating suite

Papillon Group, the world’s largest and longest running aerial tour company, has announced a partnership with Ramco Systems, the global aviation software provider on Cloud and Mobile, to install Ramco Aviation Suite V5.8, for maintenance and engineering operations of its fleet.

Papillon operates 80 fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Its entire fleet of Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines will receive the Ramco Aviation Suite V5.8. Sheldon Cohen Photo

Two of Papillon’s brands – Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines – will be serviced by Ramco with its state-of-the-art Aviation Suite 5.8, integrating both facilities’ disparate manual systems on a single digital platform to improve company-wide productivity and process efficiency.

Papillon currently operates a fleet of 80 rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft which fly an estimated 600,000 passengers each year along daily sightseeing tours of the Grand Canyon and other U.S. landmarks.

The suite offers an advanced mobile-friendly dashboard that automates and manages maintenance engineering, compliance and quality assurance, flight operations, electronic flight bag, and crew scheduling. Bundled with the latest technology stacks such as hubs, integration gateways and electronic signature capabilities, it also offers reporting and analysis functions, helping to achieve efficient paperless operations.


“Embracing digitization with Ramco will bring a new edge to our business,” said Geoff Edlund, president, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters. “We are confident that Ramco’s comprehensive, one-stop solution will streamline and automate all our group-wide manual operations and ensure real-time data availability, equipping us to deal with fresh challenges and make better business decisions.”

“Ramco has a strong track record of successful maintenance and engineering support for heli-operators, and our presence in the U.S. is growing,” said Virender Aggarwal, chief engineering officer, Ramco Systems. “We are pleased to have been chosen by an established business such as Papillon Group and believe our next-generation technology will propel them to new heights.”

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