Ornge takes delivery of first Powered Aero Loader stretcher system

Ornge — Ontario’s provider of air ambulance and related services — is pleased to announce the arrival of its first Powered Aero Loader stretcher system.


The new system features a self-loading power cot with an equipment bridge which is able to hold all medical devices in all phases of flight. The centerpiece is the HeliMods Powered Aero Loader (PAL), a zero-lift, push-button operated powered stretcher system for rapid loading and unloading of land ambulance stretchers into air ambulance helicopters.

“We’re very excited to take delivery of the first Powered Aero Loader stretcher system,” said Dr. Andrew McCallum, president and CEO of Ornge. “We anticipate the first system will be in service in northern Ontario starting this spring, which will ensure that our paramedics have the best and safest possible equipment and work environment to deliver their life-saving care.”

The PAL systems will be entered into service on a rolling schedule throughout 2019 and 2020 at each of Ornge’s eight helicopter bases. The installation process is estimated to be complete by early 2020.


“It’s fantastic to have achieved this significant milestone of successfully delivering the first Powered Aero Loader to Ornge,” said William Shrapnel, founder and managing director of HeliMods. “It’s been such a great collaboration with the Ornge team. We have worked hard together to ensure the solution meets their needs, as well as those of their crew and of course the Ontario community. We’re very excited to be part of such a progressive program and look forward to seeing the PAL technology in service in the coming months.”

Ornge paramedics are beginning to receive training on the new system as they are installed into each airframe.

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