New mobile application connects private flyers with charter operators has announced that it now offers a mobile app for private aviation consumers that provides one-click access to the web-based worldwide air charter marketplace, which makes booking private air travel easier than ever before.

Advertisement, the worldwide air charter marketplace, has announced it now carries web-based private jet services on mobile devices, which are available for iPhone and Android powered devices. These apps are designed to connect the private flyer with ideal aircraft and operators for any trip. applications make arranging private aviation easier by allowing easy access to aircraft anywhere in the world.

“With the tap of the screen, executives can locate and contact flight options after their meeting in New York, or just use this feature from home to bypass the need to fill out trip details, which can be time consuming from smart phones,” said Blake Bookstaff, project manager,

The app is completely free for anyone to use. “We’ve seen a lot of apps out there that are only for paying members, but this one is easy to use and completely free,” said Bookstaff.


The app is currently available on the iPhone and any Android device. The app can be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play or is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based worldwide air charter marketplace that connects the needs of the private aviation consumer with aircraft and operators across the globe. The website provides consumers with the ability to book travel, read news and reviews, list aircraft for hire, and purchase used aircraft.

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