Nakanihon Air Service takes delivery of 20th H135

Airbus Helicopters delivered Nakanihon Air Service’s 20th H135 at an entry-into-service ceremony held June 10 at the operator’s hangar in Aichi Prefecture.


Nakanihon Air Service will use its new Airbus H135 helicopter to support EMS missions throughout Japan. Airbus Photo

This new light-twin helicopter will join Nakanihon Air Service’s growing fleet of H135s to support emergency medical service (EMS) missions throughout the country.

One of the largest aircraft operators in Japan, Nakanihon operates 45 Airbus helicopters – about two-thirds of its rotorcraft fleet – for a wide spectrum of activities including EMS, electronic news gathering, as well as passenger and goods transportation. Nakanihon Air Service also operates an Airbus-approved maintenance center for H135 helicopters.


The H135 is a market leader in the light twin-engine helicopter segment, known for its compact build, agility, reliability and versatility. It is the perfect fit for multiple missions including EMS, law enforcement, firefighting, as well as VIP and corporate transportation.

To date, more than 1,300 H135s are in operation around the globe for close to 300 operators. In Japan, operators of the 92 H135 helicopters flying today benefit from the integrated training support offered by Airbus Helicopters’ Kobe-based H135 full-flight simulator center.

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