Metro completing new H125 for Tulsa PD

Metro Aviation is nearing completion of a new Airbus H125 aircraft for the Tulsa Police Department’s Air Support Unit.  The single-engine aircraft is scheduled for delivery in August.

Tulsa PD Airbus H125
The Tulsa PD’s new H125 will feature ADS-B and a full array of mission equipment. Metro Illustration

“The completion process has gone very smooth with no issues,” said Sergeant Nick Cory of the Tulsa Police Department Air Support Unit. “Metro’s customer service has been outstanding. It has been a great experience.”

In addition to the basic aircraft features, Metro is equipping the aircraft with a Garmin GTX 345R transponder, which satisfies NextGen requirements for ADS-B “Out” and includes the weather and traffic benefits of ADS-B “In” with the paired GTN 650 solution. The law enforcement aircraft also includes the Technisonic TDFM-9000 radio, Thommen searchlight, L3 MX 10 camera and Churchill Navigation augmented reality mapping system, allowing officers to view streets, businesses and other geographical elements on live video. Finally, the aircraft will include a Tyler special ops platform and fast rope rappel system, the first installation of its kind for their fleet.


“In 2014, Metro Aviation did the completion on our first Airbus AS350 helicopter. From the initial meeting to the time we accepted the helicopter, the team at Metro Aviation did an outstanding job. The quality of work was outstanding. What is the most impressive to me is the customer service I receive and continue to receive from Metro Aviation,” said Sergeant Cory. “Even five years after the sale, whenever I have a question or concern, the employees at Metro will do everything they can to assist me.”

Metro Aviation is a leader in law enforcement completions. The Louisiana-based completion center recently completed a 12-year inspection for Hillsborough County and will deliver a new H125 to the organization this fall.

To learn more, visit Metro Aviation and the Metro Companies at APSCON at Booth #1009.

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