Masco partners with Truth Data in reseller agreement

Truth Data Insights, LLC, an industry-leading Flight Operations and Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) organization, has entered into a reseller agreement for Sky Connect hardware with Masco.


Truth Data recognizes Masco as a premier aviation hardware supplier and will promote Masco as a Sky Connect provider.

“This is an outstanding opportunity to partner with a top avionics provider,” said Pete Henrikson, president of Truth Data Insights. “Not only will this agreement open doors for us, it really is a win for all — Truth Data, Masco and our mutual clients.”

This agreement makes either Truth Data or Masco an excellent place to start with respect to the HAA mandate, making the whole process easier for the client.

“Truth Data’s FDM and FOQA program coupled with the Sky Connect system provide the operators confidence that this solution meets and exceeds the requirements of the mandate,” said Kevin Fraley, director of sales at Masco.


Truth Data brings a new level of safety and efficiency to helicopter and fixed-wing operators by providing FOQA and FDM services, drawing on decades of aviation experience, both military and civilian, to support operators in all market segments worldwide.

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