Leonardo submits plan to provide training helicopters to U.S. Navy

Leonardo submitted to the U.S. Navy its proposal to manufacture and support up to 130 training helicopters under the relevant Request for Proposal (RFP). Reliable, fully compliant and easy to maintain, the TH-119 instrument flight rules (IFR) helicopter is the best and most capable solution to train the next generation of Navy helicopter pilots.

The TH-119 is based on the successful AW119 which is in service in 40 countries and has been selected by military, government, and parapublic customers. Leonardo Photo

Leonardo is committed to providing the Navy exactly what it needs to continue being successful by offering the only full-spectrum IFR training helicopter flexible enough to satisfy every basic and advanced mission training flight requirement, from fundamental autorotations to difficult search-and-rescue procedures, shipboard operations and beyond.

Manufactured in Philadelphia and featuring a strong and reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engine, the TH-119 boasts the highest power margins in its class. Ultramodern Genesys Aerosystems’ avionics equips pilots to fly safely during low visibility and challenging weather conditions while providing an excellent foundation for transitioning to combat helicopters.

“Hot” pressure refueling allows fuel tanks to be filled without shutting the engine down leading to quicker turnaround and more time spent flying. A rugged and durable metal box-beam airframe stands up to the daily grind of training and enables repairs to be conducted on-site, unlike most composite aircraft repairs which require lengthier off-site attention.


The TH-119 has completed its flight tests and meets all FAA requirements and safety standards for IFR certification. Based on the successful AW119 helicopter–in service in 40 countries and selected by high profile military, government, and parapublic customers including the Portuguese Air Force and New York City Department of Environmental Protection Police — the TH-119 is the only contender manufactured on an FAA certified Part 21 production line within the U.S. (not merely delivered here).

Supported by the company’s top-ranked customer support and training team, Leonardo’s Philadelphia plant is also currently building the U.S. Air Force MH-139 for Boeing as the prime.

Leonardo looks forward to hosting the Navy for a System Performance Demonstration (SPD), giving their team firsthand experience flying the TH-119 IFR helicopter — a training solution that outperforms the rest for the long haul.

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