Leocopter enhances helicopter pilot training program


Leocopter Air Services, in cooperation with the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation (VRASF), has further enhanced its global flight training and seminar offering. A new addition to the program is the advanced autorotation program, which is primarily targeted for advanced pilots. The enhanced training program also includes webinars which allow pilots to participate independently.

Initially, it was planned to offer the newly developed practical course for advanced autorotation from sprint 2020 to helicopter pilots. Due to the pandemic Leocopter had to realign the training schedule.

The company is resuming its safety program and announced that the advanced autorotation course is now scheduled from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2020. This training is mainly targeted for advanced helicopter pilots who operate in difficult terrain, such as mountains or over areas with limited possibilities for emergency landings or night flights. The new autorotation courses are conducted in Switzerland either in Bern-Belp (LSZB) or Grenchen (LSZG).


The webinar series offers various topics which are important to every pilots’ daily life. The main purpose is to provide many centuries of flight experience based on illustrative content and material as well as to pass on a lot of tips and tricks.

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