L3 WESCAM launches In-Flight training course for MX-Series EO/IR

L3 Wescam announced the launch of its In-Flight training course as the latest solution in its family of aviation training platforms for MX-Series airborne electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) imaging and targeting systems.


L3’s In-Flight training program includes theoretical in-class training combined with pre- and post-flight simulation training and in-flight, mission-centric training. With the ability to tailor the training curriculum to match a customer’s specific turret configuration and the advantage of both daylight and low-light flight opportunities, the course has been developed to support students of varying levels of skill and experience with conventional flight scenarios and operator experiences.

Designed to facilitate student-centric learning, the four day program includes in-depth training of all sensors, maintenance and organizational-level maintenance tasking, and crew resource management.

“L3 is proud to support the development of MX operational and maintenance teams with a comprehensive suite of progressive training solutions that ensures crews are always mission-ready and able to operate their MX product to its full ability,” said JD Richard, vice president of customer service for L3 Wescam. “The curriculum has been built to help students identify first-hand knowledge and operational gaps, and participate in closed-loop, adaptive training to support their personal growth and development, which ultimately helps produce higher-quality and better prepared operators.”


“What’s so unique about this course is that it is developed and delivered by us, the OEM,” said Brendan McCormick, lead trainer for L3 Wescam. “Train from the source. Learn from the best. We know the MX products, technologies and capabilities better than anyone else – no one is better qualified to teach and train the user community than our team of highly qualified trainers here at L3.”

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