JSfirm.com responds to helicopter pilot and mechanic shortage

JSfirm.com, an aviation job website, has reached a milestone of helicopter professionals who are using its website to find jobs.


“Our database, to date, includes 51,669 helicopter pilot and maintenance professionals,” said Jeff Richards, operations manager for JSfirm.com. “This total grows every day, and doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of guest visitors each month, or the other 17 categories of job seekers.

“Our network with schools, military bases, job distribution networks, and professional organizations continues to bring growing numbers of new job seekers, too,” he added.

“This shortage is being felt across the aviation industry,” said Sam Scanlon, managing partner for JSfirm.com. “But, with the shortage of helicopter pilots and maintenance professionals, coupled with the report from UND, it stands to reason why so many helicopter companies are active on our website — it works for them.”


JSfirm is a fast-growing company with more than 4,000 aviation companies from all corners of the industry. Most importantly, it has support specialists that make it easy for companies by providing website training, creating job descriptions, and simply showing them how to use this tool to find people.

“Our site is popular,” noted Richards. “If you’re a helicopter company that doesn’t have a job listed on JSfirm.com, then this database of job seekers is not able to find you!”

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