JSfirm.com partners with SkyOp

JSfirm.com, an aviation-only job website with resume database access, has partnered with SkyOp LLC, an industry leader in drone training courseware.


With efforts to expand strategic Job Distribution Network partnerships, JSfirm.com hopes to bring awareness to career opportunities within the rising UAV/UAS industry.

Heather Ottenberg, career services advisor at JSfirm.com, said, ” SkyOp’s footprint within the niche industry of sUAS is a large one that influences many. JSfirm.com is looking forward to working with SkyOp to serve the expanding industry, as the UAV/UAS job openings show high demand for certified drone pilots.”


Brian Pitre, co-founder and chairman of SkyOp, said, “We’re excited about our partnership with JSfirm.com because it links our highly trained and FAA part 107 certified drone pilots with the rapidly growing number of sUAS jobs.”

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