JSfirm.com announces new ‘skill check’ feature

JSfirm.com has announced its newest website feature: skill check. This will allow all job seekers to take a multiple choice, 10-question skill check to refresh their aviation knowledge in any of the 20 aviation-specific categories.


Joel Scekeres, member advocate, said, “Skill check development will be ongoing; we plan to regularly add new and different content. The goal of this initiative is to create refresher material for current aviation industry employees that can also double as a study guide for future graduates.”

From incoming college students to executives with over 20 years of experience, anyone can take these skill checks to test their knowledge and learn more about other aspects of aviation.


Scekeres added, “Skill checks are made possible in part by our partner schools, who worked with us to help provide these materials. We look forward to the students and alumni of these schools visiting JSfirm.com to utilize the skill checks that their alma mater has helped create.”

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