JSfirm Announces “E” Program


The online aviation job service JSfirm has announced its “E” program, which helps downsizing companies ease their employees’ transitions.

According to cofounder and managing partner Sam Scanlon, the E program is not an outplacement service, but a cost-effective way for companies to offer their departing employees career services and help. The program is available at no additional charge to companies that already use JSfirm to advertise job openings. Services provided to employees include resume posting and resume creation assistance; a resume URL; interviewing and other helpful tips; a detailed list of hiring companies; and direct emails of new opportunities.

JSfirm is a fast-growing company with more than 4,000 company members and 60,000 individual resume members, all in the aviation sector. In January, the company marked a milestone in website traffic, surpassing a total of 5.9 million website hits for jsfirm.com.

“Amid the economic downturn, we are seeing activity from the helicopter industry,” noted JSfirm account manager Tonya Salatino. “The experts made no mistake when they predicted a shortage of qualified aviation professionals during these years. There are needs.”


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