Hospital Wing is first U.S. HEMS operation to eliminate paperwork with Flightdocs

Hospital Wing, a Memphis-based air ambulance company, has become the first helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) operator in the U.S. to take its operation fully paperless. Utilizing the Flightdocs HMX platform, Hospital Wing has been able to eliminate all paper-based forms and reports from its operation, significantly increasing efficiency across maintenance and operational processes.

Hospital Wing operates two Airbus EC130 B4 helicopters (pictured) and five Airbus H125 helicopters. Hospital Wing Photo
Hospital Wing operates two Airbus EC130 B4 helicopters (pictured) and five Airbus H125 helicopters. Hospital Wing Photo

Operating five Airbus H125 and two EC130 B4 helicopters from five bases, Hospital Wing provides 24/7 emergency airlift and inter-hospital patient transfers. In 2016, Hospital Wing first implemented HMX by Flightdocs, a leading provider of cloud-based aircraft maintenance and inventory management software.

Hospital Wing’s director of maintenance Nick King notified Flightdocs of the milestone on June 20.

“Hospital Wing is live and fully paperless today,” he said. “No paper log books or flight logs or aircraft maintenance logs. No more paper — it’s all Flightdocs.”

King emphasized that Hospital Wing’s use of HMX goes well beyond maintenance.

“It’s a complete and very easy-to-use tool that has been implemented in all aspects of our business and has been configured to work really well for us,” King said. “It’s a great system that enables greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organization.”


“We congratulate the team at Hospital Wing on this important milestone,” said Flightdocs CEO Rick Heine. “It’s great to see our technology being used to its fullest extent. We’ve seen more and more operators going fully electronic across different segments of the industry, and they are all seeing some very tangible benefits throughout their organizations.

“The technology we have today is making a big impact on efficiency, visibility, data accuracy, and ultimately the safe operation of aircraft. We look forward to working with Hospital Wing and other Flightdocs customers on new developments in the future,” added Heine.

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