Helicopters descend on Rose Bowl for annual disaster response exercise

The Pasadena PD Air Operations Section’s 27th annual Disaster Response Exercise took place this week on the grounds of the Rose Bowl Stadium, a possible staging area for helicopters in the event of a natural disaster. Skip Robinson Photo

On April 13, 2016, the Pasadena (California) Police Department’s Air Operations Section and their regional program known as FAST (Foothill Air Support Team) hosted their 27th annual Disaster Response Exercise. This event took place on the grounds of the world-famous Rose Bowl Stadium, a sprawling site that has been designated as a possible staging area for helicopters in the event of an earthquake or other type of man-made or natural disaster.
According to Lt. Michael Ingram, who oversees the Air Operations Section, the theme of the exercise was “Be Ready.” He explained, “Airborne law enforcement is a force multiplier and our talented crews play a key role in the public safety arena, so it is incumbent upon all of us to be prepared.”
A total of 25 helicopters from the law enforcement, fire, military, emergency medical service, and ENG communities took part in the exercise. Skip Robinson Photo
Numerous aircrews from throughout southern California descended on Pasadena, coming from as far away as San Diego County. In all, 25 helicopters from the law enforcement, fire, military, emergency medical services, and electronic news gathering communities participated in the exercise without incident. Safety was paramount, with many of those in attendance commenting on how well the procedures, communications, and coordination were handled. 
Once on the ground, crews were able to network with a large vendor contingent along with other aircrew members. Following the meet-and-greet portion, attendees were provided training on human factors by industry expert Michael Broderick from Trace Worldwide.  
The theme of this year’s exercise was “Be Ready”, emphasizing the importance of helicopters as a force multiplier in the public safety arena. Skip Robinson Photo 

“This event would not be possible without the outstanding support from our staff, vendor community, and the Rose Bowl,” said Ingram. “A special thanks goes out to all of the crews who took time out of their busy schedules to participate and [the] vendors who are truly committed to aviation safety and airborne law enforcement community.”
Supporting vendors included Adamson Police Supply, Aero Computers, Airborne Displays, Broadcast Microwave Services, Churchill Aviation, Cloud Cap Technology, CNC Technologies, Dallas Avionics, Enstrom Helicopters, FLIR Inc., H2 Aviation, HEROS Inc., Hye-Tec Manufacturing, L3 Communications, Lo-Jack, Macro Blue, MD Helicopters, Meeker Aviation, Robinson Helicopters, Rolls-Royce, Rotorcraft Support, Rotorcraft United, Spectrolab, Trace Worldwide, and Vislink Inc.
The safety of the event was ensured by detailed attention to procedures and communications. Skip Robinson Photo

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