Helicopter Safety Seminar coming to Los Angeles

Claude Vuichard, the 2018 HAI Pilot Safety Award winner, has planned to visit California in September 2018 to hold a one-day Helicopter Safety Seminar. Vuichard is known for the Vortex Ring State Recovery procedure as promoted by helicopter manufacturers, but also for additional advanced flight maneuvers.


In cooperation with the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation (VRASF), Leocopter is going to provide an onsite Vuichard Helicopter Safety Seminar on
Sept. 6 in the Los Angeles area. Based on decades of helicopter flight operations in the Swiss Alps and many search-and-rescue missions, Vuichard has professionalized additional life-saving maneuvers. They ensure that pilots take right action in critical situations and simply more safety.

This offer is meant for interested helicopter pilots who would like to attend a full day seminar with Vuichard to cover all important topics in one session. The new methods are aimed towards leading a significant reduction of accidents and incidents – it even has the potential to save many lives every year and the associated damage and insurance cases. For applications, click here.

Seminar structure of Vuichard Techniques

Block 1 – Vuichard Principles

Review the fundamentals of the CRM Model, Human Factors & performance, including mental activity and stress, situational awareness and safety barriers. The principles act as the fundamentals for the Vuichard Techniques.


Block 2 – Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery

The content is based on the conditions that favor the Vortex Ring State, the identification criteria and, of course, the escape or recovery procedures. Besides the main video published by Claude Vuichard, additional video material is presented and discussed to accentuate the aspects of the Vortex Ring State.

Block 3 – Advanced Vuichard Techniques

Advanced Vuichard techniques for autorotation’s (standard, HVD, at night, in mountains), slope landings, quick stop and whiteout/brownout prevention.

VRASF and Leocopters’ overall objectives are to improve the awareness for safety and its actions to reduce the risks related to helicopter operations. The main driver is to prevent incidents and save lives.

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