HeliAir signs deal with Airbus for the Kokon interior trim

At the 2017 London HeliTech convention, HeliAir unveiled the Kokon: aviation’s first ever self-supporting interior trim. “Interest in Kokon has been tremendous, also at other aviation expos across Europe and the United States,” said Marco Trefanitz, managing director of HeliAir. “We owe this success in large part to our former technical director Wolfgang Burger, who left us tragically before his time. He was the mastermind and driving force behind this brilliant development.”

The deal between Airbus and HeliAir will include the Kokon interior trim as a standard option in Airbus’s catalog. Jerome Deulin Photo

Over the past months, HeliAir negotiated a partnership deal with Airbus Helicopters, which was signed at HAI Heli-Expo 2020 in Anaheim, California.

This deal will include Kokon as a standard option in the renowned helicopter manufacturer’s catalog. The innovative design allows for the easy integration of medical equipment into the helicopter, significantly reducing costs, labor, and down-time by removing the need for special adaptations.

To be included in Airbus Helicopters’ catalog, HeliAir’s production had to undergo an extensive auditing process, examining delivery capacity, end-production and installation.


“The partnership deal signed today underscores the good international reputation which HeliAir enjoys,” said Trefanitz. “For us, this is also a clear mandate to continue delivering the highest standards of quality in all of our operations.”

Key facts about Kokon:

  • lightweight, highly resilient fixture grid suited for virtually every application
  • enhanced versatility of the entire interior
  • installation of new mounting supports requires no additional approvals, saving time and costs
  • ideal standard cabin for leasing banks as subsequent uses remain entirely open
  • easy to retrofit the helicopter to its factory state
  • quick and easy maintenance access for mast or ARIS replacement
  • improved interior lighting for optimum working conditions

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