HeliAir equips Polish Air Rescue helicopters for round-the-clock flights

Helikopter Air Transport (HeliAir) has successfully completed its largest technical order to date. During the past few months, 22 emergency helicopters of the Polish Air Rescue Service have been equipped for nighttime flights, making them fit for round-the-clock operations.


HeliAir supplied the night operations equipment for Polish Air Rescue Service’s helicopters and delivered 96 night vision goggles to the company. OAMTC Photo

“In addition to the training of technicians, the supply of equipment for the helicopters, delivery of 96 goggles was next to achieve all the export permissions [for] the most comprehensive part of the job,” said Marco Trefanitz, managing director of OAMTC’s air-rescue services.


Despite the large extent, the HeliAir project team succeeded in fulfilling all points of the tender in advance of the deadlines set.

“This success is due to the entire HeliAir team, which has taken care of every detail — from functional testing of the night vision goggles, to calibration of the technology and training of the technicians in Warsaw, through to compliance with export control requirements,” said Trefanitz.

The activities of HeliAir are now contractually transferred to after-sales duties, which include warranty and spare parts deliveries.

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