Heli-One Design Team Highlights


Heli-One, a leading provider of helicopter maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, is announcing a lineup of new modifications and products developed by their two design and engineering teams in Norway and Canada. These new offerings appeal to a wide variety of operators and include: medical equipment wall, stretcher installation, hooks, external cameras, and awareness lighting upgrades. These modifications and products improve efficiency, safety, and situational awareness for operators of all mission and operational types.

Equipment Wall
This modular equipment wall is extremely adaptable to different mission types, including search-and-rescue (SAR) and emergency medical service (EMS) missions, and law enforcement. It can accommodate mission consoles, stretchers, medical equipment, and additional seating, in addition to several other purposes. It requires a tool-free installation which can be done within 10 minutes.

Stretcher Adaptation (AW169)
This modification, recently certified for the AW169, accommodates the ergonomic handling of the stretcher where flexibility and urgency is a priority. A base plate installation allows for different stretcher offset positions, giving crew the flexibility to adjust for optimal position.


External Cameras
Operators can have enhanced situational awareness with the installation of a Lexavia LFX 2010 IR/Daylight camera – either in a forward- or downward-facing orientation. Crews can monitor, in high resolution, the terrain or cargo operations. This light works in day or night, has three fields of view, and has minimal installation footprint.

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