Hazon Solutions announces Texas expansion

Hazon Solutions, a drone service provider focused on critical infrastructure inspections for Fortune 500 utility and industrial clients, announced on Feb. 5 the opening of a second office. The newly organized southwest region will be headquartered in Austin, Texas, and represents the first outpost for Hazon that will decrease lead times and costs for clients west of the Mississippi River.


Hazon focuses on delivering inspection services to companies with significant investments in critical infrastructure. It leverages its aviation expertise to collect actionable data that is otherwise difficult, dangerous or costly to gather. Hazon Photo

“We are extremely excited about opening our first regional office,” said Hazon CEO and co-founder David A. Culler. “Today represents an enormous milestone for Hazon and for our clients. We’ve serviced all work out of our Virginia location up till now. This will increase our reach across the country and ensure we’re able to better meet our client’s needs.”

This milestone represents a significant movement for Hazon, known for offering critical infrastructure inspections nationwide. In a recently published case study, Hazon articulated a 40 percent higher detection rate of areas of concern in transmission line inspections. The energy sector will be a key market for Hazon moving forward.


“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing Hazon to Texas,” said Hazon vice president Ed Hine. “Hazon is the clear leader in infrastructure inspection. By opening this office we’ll be filling a void in the southwest region by providing best-in-class unmanned inspection services.”

“We’ve been growing rapidly for the past two years, [so] a regional expansion plan was a natural move for us,” said Culler. “While this is a great day, we’re certainly not slowing down to smell the roses; we’re continuously looking forward to our next growth opportunity.”

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