GoFly Prize personal flyer competition unveils its Phase II winning teams

The GoFly Prize — the $2+ million international competition to create a personal flying device — announced its five Phase II winners based on prototype submissions.

A rendering of the ‘S1’ submission from the Silverwing team. GoFly Photo

GoFly is comprised of more than 3,500 innovators from 101 countries across the globe. Competitors are creating a personal flyer that is smaller, lighter and quieter than anything that has ever existed before. From this community, 31 Phase II teams across 16 countries submitted entries and were reviewed by a panel of experts across two rounds of judging.

The five Phase II winners, (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Aeroxo LV, Era Aviabike, Latvia and Russia;
  • DragonAir Aviation, Airboard 2.0, United States;
  • SilverwingS1, Netherlands;
  • Texas A&M Harmony, Aria, United States; and
  • Trek Aerospace Inc., FlyKart2, United States.

Below you can view the YouTube announcement of the Phase II winners:

Phase II teams were required to submit visual and written documentation detailing their personal flyer prototypes. It’s the first time physical prototypes have been introduced into the challenge, bringing GoFly one step closer to the Final Fly-Off next year.

“After much anticipation, we are excited to announce our Phase II winners and unveil their prototypes,” said Gwen Lighter, GoFly CEO. “The level of ingenuity and dedication from each of these competitors is truly impressive. Each device is unique, revolutionizing the way we envision personal flight.”

GoFly has been able to reach such a highly qualified group of competitors not only through the strength of its vision, but also through the support of its global network of sponsors. Major partners include grand sponsor Boeing, corporate sponsor Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC), as well as over twenty international aviation and innovation organizations. All teams that progress towards the Final Fly-Off and all new teams that join the GoFly competition now will benefit from the continued support of these sponsors, as well as additional in-kind sponsor resources and a dedicated ‘Mentors and Masters’ program.


“We’re inspired and excited to see the strong progress that GoFly competitors have made on their bold, creative designs,” said Greg Hyslop, chief technology officer for Boeing. “Their work confirms a principle that’s at the core of both Boeing and GoFly: aerospace innovation changes the world.”

“The GoFly competition sets itself apart in how it works to inspire the current and future generations of innovators aligning closely with our company’s mission,” said Geoff Hunt, senior vice president of engineering for P&WC. “Phase II has produced tremendous results, demonstrating what it means to be a leader in the industry. It is work like this that inspired Pratt & Whitney to create the Disruptor Award, and we look forward to meeting the contenders for that prize during the Final Fly-Off.”

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