Global UAV announces resignation of director

Global UAV Technologies Ltd., a diversified and vertically integrated drone technology company, has received a letter of resignation from board of directors member, Stewart Baillie.


Baillie has served on the board of directors since Jan. 11, 2018, and during that time contributed invaluably to the company and subsidiaries through advising management and assisting with compliance and guidance on Transport Canada regulatory topics for commercial UAV manufacturing and use.

Baillie’s decision to step down from the board of directors was personal in nature; desiring more free time to pursue other activities in his retirement.

Baillie has offered to be available as a consultant for the company on an as-needed basis going forward.


Global UAV values Baillie’s industry knowledge and experience and is pleased to have the opportunity to continue working together in the future.

Global UAV management would like to thank Baillie for his contribution and support over the past year and wish him success in his future endeavors.

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