FlightBridgeED and Life Link III team up to launch new research academy

FlightBridgeED and Life Link III have announced they are teaming up on the development of a new research academy to promote evidence-based research within the air medical industry. With both organizations sharing a strong commitment to promoting research and clinical excellence, this partnership will focus on bringing industry-leading organizations together with a shared focus on the advancement of research and critical care education. This initiative will also include support and partnership with ESO and UCLA Prehospital Care Research Forum to provide the necessary data and education to build a robust and successful research academy.


By using its 'One Call' system, Life Link III will continue to work collaboratively with other air medical transport services to dispatch the most appropriate helicopter, whether it is Life Link III's or another service.
FlightBridgeED and Life Link III are to develop a new research academy to promote evidence-based research within the air medical industry. Life Link Photo

FlightBridgeED will launch the one-year research academy at the FlightBridgeED Air & Surface Transport Symposium (FAST20) on May 17, 2020. This academy will involve an intensive two-day pre-conference workshop at FAST20 along with continued education and research completed throughout the year. The research academy will focus on developing new researchers by providing them with the data and tools needed to promote the advancement of evidence-based medicine.


“We are excited to announce this strategic alignment and partnership with Life Link III,” said Eric Bauer, chief executive officer at FlightBridgeED. “Life Link III will power the research academy by supporting this endeavor through their robust infrastructure and gift of financial support. Together with ESO and UCLA Prehospital Care Research Forum, we look forward to launching a new generation of evidence-based researchers.”

“For 35 years, Life Link III has been committed to promoting clinical excellence, research and education. This partnership will allow us to promote evidence-based research as it relates to air and surface medical transport and brings together organizations that are leading the industry in regard to research, education, and advanced critical care clinical capabilities,” said Kolby Kolbet, vice president of Clinical Services at Life Link III.

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