Esterline Simulation Visual Systems rebrands

Following the acquisition of Esterline by Transdigm last March, Esterline Simulation Visual Systems is changing to Treality Simulation Visual Systems.


In 2015, the Esterline SVS family of products was branded as Treality, so the re-naming of the business group from Esterline SVS to Treality SVS is a natural choice.

Treality stands for “training reality” and the multi-color spherical logo captures the essence and core competency of the company’s business: designing, deploying and sustaining high-performance, multi-channel, curved screen visual systems for the stringent demands of the training and simulation market. Treality’s mission remains unchanged: to be the preferred and trusted provider of simulation visual systems worldwide.

Treality Simulation Visual Systems offers a broad array of simulation display products. These products include a variety of collimated displays, high-performing 360-degree rear-projection domes, standard and custom front-projection displays, and the first truly deployable dome with a seamless screen. User-friendly projector control and alignment systems make the display operation simple and easy.


Treality Simulation Visual Systems are used in flight, maritime, air traffic control, driving, ground warfare, and firearms simulators as well as a variety of research applications. All Treality products are supported by a full complement of services, including design, project management, installation, integration, and worldwide maintenance.

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